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Fiesta de Carnival is also associated with many traveling Circuses that specialize in parking lot promotions. These shows provide some of the best and most creative entertainers in the world. Included under the Big Top are flying trapeze, Amazing acrobats, Dog & Pony Shows, and friendly clowns. Among the Circus’s used by Fiesta de Carnival are Circus Vargas and Circus Cabellero from Mexico. Circus Vargas is one of the oldest and most traditional Circus’ in America. It is in English and targets both American and latin-speaking families. Circus Cabellero is a Latin-Themed show from Mexico that caters to latin families and is hosted in spanish. Typically the Circus will have a celebrity star host from a popular television show or novella. In the past the Circus has brought names like Chilendrina, Pedro El Escamoso, Capelinar, Profesor Jirafales and more.

The Circus not only pays good rent for your lot, but spends about $10,000 per show on advertising. Your company or business will be featured on all the advertisements and T.V and radio spots. The local media is usually at the event doing feature stories on the show.

Space Needed – approximately 25,000 sq. ft.
Tent Dimensions – 150’X150’

* Circus comes with own electricity and Insurance.

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