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                   After graduating from Long Beach State University with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Communications, Ted Holcomb set out to make a name for himself in the world of Marketing and Promotions. His first job was head of Marketing for a start-up shopping center in Anaheim, CA. There he found his niche marketing to the Latin community. Within a couple of years, this retail center became a staple for Latin families in Orange County.


                  During his tenure as Marketing Director he established such promotions as Lucha Libre, a Spanish wrestling show for families, Mexicanisimo, a Spanish dance show that was televised for 2 years on Channel 22 KWHY, ASSA - Anaheim Speed Soccer Association, an indoor soccer league catering to Hispanic families, Banda concerts every weekend featuring some of Orange Counties hottest Latin groups. The promotion that intrigued him the most, however, was his annual Carnivals that drew over 10,000 families each event. The goal of these promotions was to give Latin families a place to enjoy free entertainment and improve traffic flow to the shopping center. The Facility was soon recognized by the Orange County Register as being one of “The Best Places To Shop” in Anaheim in there annual “The Best of Orange County” Magazine.


                    In 1996, Ted broke out on his own and established a promotions company called Fiesta de Carnival. The original plan was to be a full-service promotional agency that provided Latin entertainment and advertising advice to shopping centers and retail outlets targeting this growing community. Soon he found that there was no better way to attract families to a facility than his Carnivals and street fairs. He soon specialized in these festivals that include huge carnival rides, games, live music and Mexican barbecue. “Our goal is to give Latino families in Southern California a show that’s reminiscent of Carnaval back in there homeland.” “We always try to have live Latin music, Folklore Dance Shows, and Mariachis at every event.” Ted now organizes more than 30 shows per year.

Although the Carnivals take up most of his time, he still enjoys consulting and meeting new clients wanting to reach the Latin market.



    “I get calls every day from businesses and stores wanting to know about the newest Latin radio station to advertise on or what stars are hot for autograph appearances? I end up chatting with them for hours and soon figure out I just gave up a bunch of free advice and didn’t get a dime for it. But I just love what I do and enjoy helping people that are interested in targeting this community that’s been so good to me.” – Ted Holcomb

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